bubblews-iconI’ve joined Bubblews on 28 March this year, wrote a post and then left for few months. I am always on the look out for legitimate websites to earn money, yet I have a reserve when it come about this website. So, I waited few months and did nothing. Few days ago I logged in and notice my account reverse to $0 and my post was deleted. This seamed strange to me and I even wrote a post about it.

How does Bubblews work?

This is a different type of website in that is not a content website per se like Hubpages, Yahoo Voices and others similar to them, but more like a social sharing site where you can earn money for every view, comment, like or online share that you get. The pay is $0.01 for every of the above. So, if you generate 1000 views you get $10. From my experience as a blogger this type of income per view is very high, hence the flock of all income seekers to the website. How do they sustain such payments is high for me to understand and it did a big alarm bell, hence I stopped using the site.

How much is the payout?

The minimum payout threshold on Bubblews is $25. When you reach it, you can redeem it by mailing them. It is advisable you provide a paypal address to get your payment faster. The requirement to e-mail them to redeem your payment is something which I don’t like. Numerous complaints of regarding missing payments is another thing which makes me worry.

One Thing Which I Don’t Like

Well, it seems that you are allowed just 10 posts per day. For me that is just insane, as the more content you have or produce in this cyberspace, the more you earn. This is pure and simple and you are welcomed to disagree with me. So, by limiting how many posts I can create per day, they simply limit your earning potential. This is a new for me as I’ve never encounter a website that does this up to now. For example, Teckler, a site similar to Bubblews does not have this limitation.

No log in, no dollars

Another issue that I noticed, but maybe it is because it’s a new account, is the lack of earning while you are not participating on the site. This means two things:

1. The posts are not ranking in search engines, hence the lack of views. I don’t see how the site will sustain itself financially if there is no outside traffic. The advertisers will not going to pay for low quality social traffic which does not convert. And since they use Google adwords network to make their money, it is very easy for advertisers to block their site from showing off the site. Lower advertisers means lower pay.

2. You will not be able to make money long term from your posts as most bubblers will just look at your top 5 or latest articles. Your older posts gets buried and earn anything after that. Couple that with the limitation of just 10 posts per day and you are set at just earning $1-$2 per day there while spending lots of hours. It’s good for them but not for you( that in case you want to earn money and not just hang out in there for fun).

Conclusion: I will keep at it until I am at able to reach the payout and see if they pay. The same goes for teckler.

Update: I’ve been paid twice and I’m on the way of my third redemption.

Update: Bubblews has changed their threshold to $50.

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